The Secret Garden

Today, 5 March 2015, is World Book Day.  It’s a day when we are all encouraged to think about books and children all over the country are going in to school dressed as their favourite characters.

My favourite book growing up was The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, all about a little girl, Mary Lennox, forced to move to her uncle’s house after her parents died.  While there, she discovers a walled garden which has been locked and left untended since her aunt died in it many years earlier.  I won’t spoil the book for you by telling you what happens, but it used to have me in tears.  I longed for my own secret garden where I could play and work miracles, but of course, it was a story. Continue reading

Journey to the Centre of the Clyde

As I live on the banks of the River Clyde where it meets the Gare Loch, the sights and sounds of the river are very familiar to me.  I was very excited then when I heard about a walk being organised to one of the navigation towers near the Erskine Bridge. Continue reading

The Helensburgh Cat

When I was a wee calf, I used to love listening to Murdoch the farm dog telling the story of Greyfriar’s Bobby, the faithful dog who slept on his master’s grave for years and was adopted, fed and protected by the locals.  I remember being so excited when I was able to see the famous statue in Edinburgh when I went over to my first Highland Show, and always go back when I’m over that way.

Well, Edinburgh may have Bobby and Old Jock, but Helensburgh has its own special animal and it is that tale which I will share with you today, as I think it is a lovely story: Continue reading

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and the 20th Commonwealth Games

© BBC from the Opening Ceremony 23 July 2014

© BBC from the Opening Ceremony 23 July 2014

Anyone who watched the opening ceremony of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on 23 July 2014 was left in no doubt whatsoever that the host nation was Scotland!  I do wonder, however, what people from overseas made of the dancing tea cakes, while Scots all over the world were salivating at the very thought of these old favourites.  Did you even get the reference?

Continue reading

Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail…

Jailbird The Scottish word “dreich” has no direct translation but it perfectly describes the weather on Wednesday: wet, grey, miserable…  What better day to go out for a drive in my friend’s new car?  Our journey took us along Loch Lomond, across to Arrochar and Loch Long then across the Rest and Be Thankful pass to Loch Fyne and Inveraray.  Despite the weather it was a spectacular drive with the mist clinging on to the tree tops and the lochs the colour of unpolished pewter. Continue reading