The Picture House, Helensburgh, 3 August 2014

TThe Picture House, HelensburghHelensburgh is rapidly becoming a foodie destination and has many award-winning restaurants offering dishes from a variety of different countries.  Today, I joined some friends at one of the newest: The Picture House in James Street, which has a mostly Tex-Mex menu.

The Picture House Helensburgh MenusI looked at the menu on Facebook and confess that I wasn’t looking forward to it as it seemed that, although several of the starters were suitable for vegetarians, only one main course was veggie-friendly.  As there were two other veggies in the group, we decided to go anyway and share some starters like we do in the local tapas bar.  Well, imagine our delight when we found that only half of the menu had made it onto FB plus there was a £4.95 menu which had several vegetarian options.

It’s a very interesting building as it was opened over one hundred years ago as a cinema, La Scala.  Most recently it was the John Logie Baird pub but had been closed for a few years before re-opening in July 2014 as The Picture House.  (In the UK we used to call films “pictures”, so while our American friends went to the movies, we went to the pictures or the flicks.)

Inside, it’s a mixture of restaurant tables and chairs, a bar area and soft sofas and armchairs.  The waitress was excellent and very helpful – a really nice lassie:)  There were big screens all round, which normally puts me off, but the sound was low and they were showing the cycling road race from the Commonwealth Games – all those muscular, rain-soaked thighs in lycra…

After a lot of thought, I decided to go for the spicy bean burger (which was served with salad on a brioche bun) and chips.  My friends had vegetable fajitas, vegetable quesadillas, pulled pork “burger” and, to my disgust, a beef burger!  Wee Rab had fish, chips and peas from the children’s menu.  It was all cooked freshly and everyone said how yummy it was. We stuck to soft drinks and tea, although I didn’t realise until it was too late that they had ginger beer!  I wasn’t allowed to see the final bill, but I know that most of us had the £4.95 menu, the pulled pork was £7.50 and the quesadilla £4,25 so very reasonable.

Food at The Picture House Helensburgh

Three of us (possibly four, if Wee Rab comes) have already booked to come back for lunch on 24 August with another group of friends:)




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