The Picture House, Helensburgh, 3 August 2014

TThe Picture House, HelensburghHelensburgh is rapidly becoming a foodie destination and has many award-winning restaurants offering dishes from a variety of different countries.  Today, I joined some friends at one of the newest: The Picture House in James Street, which has a mostly Tex-Mex menu. Continue reading


Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and the 20th Commonwealth Games

© BBC from the Opening Ceremony 23 July 2014

© BBC from the Opening Ceremony 23 July 2014

Anyone who watched the opening ceremony of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on 23 July 2014 was left in no doubt whatsoever that the host nation was Scotland!  I do wonder, however, what people from overseas made of the dancing tea cakes, while Scots all over the world were salivating at the very thought of these old favourites.  Did you even get the reference?

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